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Dr. Judith L. Giustini
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Dr. Judith L . Giustini


Are you seeking a life of wellness, vitality, prosperity, and happiness? A life filled with possibilities and broadened horizons? I believe that you can achieve these goals - through Bio-Energy Healing. Are you willing to consider a new way of thinking? 

Bio-Energy Healing is a new way of thinking.

Illness and wellness exist on a continuum. As you move towards one, you move away from the other. Wellness is more than just biological health. It encompasses our psychological, emotional and spiritual life health, too!

Based upon metaphysical theories and scientific principles, Bio-Energy Healing is changing the lives of my patients, dramatically improving their health and wellness, enriching their lives. Perhaps you, too, are ready to take control of your health and destiny. Visiting this website is an excellent first step!

In health,
Dr. Judith

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Dr. Judith L. Giustini
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